About Us

Fixius is derived from the ancient Greek word Phyxius meaning to put into flight...
...At least that's what Keanu Reeves character, Shane "Footsteps" Falco, says it means in the film The Replacements, and if it's good enough for Keanu then it's good enough for us.

We are an elite team of personal trainers and coaches with considerable experience in various competitive sports. Between us we have numerous marathon, ultra-marathon, triathlon, Ironman and multi-day cycling race finishes, as well as competing in 5 OCR World Championships.

We have spent years creating bespoke fitness programmes for our individual clients and have now pooled our combined knowledge. Not only have we created some high quality downloadable 6 week programmes but we are also able to offer an online coaching service where we can use our joint experience to make sure you hit your goals. Whether you're trying to improve your fitness, beat personal bests, or aiming for that top step on the podium, Fixius Fitness will be there to support you every step of the way. Putting your performance into flight.